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Cristina Kristal Rizzo

a dance piece

Concept and choreography Charlie Laban Trier and Cristina Kristal Rizzo Performance Charlie Laban Trier Text and Costumes Charlie Laban Trier and Cristina Kristal Rizzo Music Various Artists Visual and Sound advisers ( In definition ) Supported by Live Works 2019 CentralFies Dro

The voice is the most subtile element of the perceptible material. In the collective History, originally, it was the place of encounter of the Universe and the Intelligence, in it an ab-sence becomes a presence, intercepting a net of messages scattered trough time and space.
Let’s consider a body and its voice, as an artificial image…let’s say a voice you hear from a body you almost don’t see, in a quasi dark or, stretching our imagination, in a black screen scene... a blind voice, an Oracle or Tiresias, displaying an architecture of words, a voice as a mirror mirroring back on the surface, in the community space, a conversation, a speech, a singing but with the quality of a lip synch. This the trace in which is collocated the creation of this stratified choreography, made of phonetic fabulations, displaced story tellings and text instabilities as visual and performative dynamics within a process of aes-thetic reformation, a poetic of a complex universe.
The title RL UNDERWORLD, reveals already in itself the intention to use the internet productions of images and subjectivities as one of the references. The intention is to con-centrate on praxes concerning the emission of the voice, considering it as a bodily act to operate with, an architecture of sounds to build as a unifying foundation, an Extra doing of something that through its ‘hypering’ has a potential of stretching the image it’s in con-versation with. So to say, developing a kind of plot, a story to be told conveying themes and fictions on how a body and a soul reflects and reveals connections and visions on thematics concerning the underworld. Can we consider the super production of images a kind of symbolic fiction everyone is generating in order to stay in contact with the symbo-lic and the need to project a parallel dimension, a fictional one but connected with eterni-ty? The rehearsal moment is meant to develop with specific research tools, such as per-sonal body rituals, music research starting from personal playlists and collection of texts, the emersion of a bodily tale which has the symbolic potential of generating a space for what is present and what is absent, sensitive but not tangible, transposing thematics as the death and the ultra world, sexual pleasure, the bodily borders, melancholy and the color purple, the ghosts nearby us and the description of one’s own funeral, loss and the aesthetic projections of self bodily images in our present world, as a continuos passage from an interior monologue towards a potential collective discourse, celebrating a new sense in within spirituality, technology and matter.

Charlie Laban Trier, b. 1987 Copenhagen, is a choreographer&performer working with and for several artists around. He’s based primarily in Amsterdam. Graduated SNDO in 2018. He mainly has a background in dances connected to house music.