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Cristina Kristal Rizzo


Concept and Choreography Cristina Kristal Rizzo with young dancers between 10 and 14 years of age Music Bolero by Ravel Performed by Berliner Philharmoniker Directed by Pierre Boulez Production CAB 008 Supported by Regione Toscana and MiBACT Coproduction Biennale Danza of Venice YEAR 2014 RUNNING 20 min.

Bolerò, created specifically for the Dance Biennale, involves a group of very young interpreters working on a contemporary choreographic script composed on the original music. The question is to imagine the communication of highly specific practices for bodies preparing for a transformation, to imagine the activation of an inner light, something similar to a bright fire able to shift the paradigm from domination to disposition.

The show is structured on a choreography may be reproduced in any city. It will be necessary to select a new group of seven young dancers from good standard dance schools. The time required for the passage of the choreography by Cristina Kristal Rizzo to young dancers is about two weeks.

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