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Cristina Kristal Rizzo


120' Concept, choreography, costumes and sound Cristina Kristal Rizzo Dance Annamaria Ajmone, Marta Bellu, Jari Boldrini, Sara Sguotti, Cristina Kristal Rizzo Music Frank Ocean Creative Producer Silvia Albanese Production Tir Danza Co-production Festival Danza Estate with the support of PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, h(abita)t - Rete di Spazi per la Danza / QB Quanto Basta

“Losing a sense of bodily boundaries can happen when we are dancing, attuned to an-other person, or immersed in nature. Many people on the spectrum describe intense feel-ings of a “leaky sense of self”: becoming confused with other people or with one’s sur-roundings, losing or having no sense of being “me,” in ways that can sometimes be exis-tentially threatening, but also exhilarating, liberating, and joyful. “– Imogen Stidworthy, "Detours", e-flux journal issue 115.

Conceived as a cartography of dances in different, possibly abandoned spaces: a forest, a natural garden, a concrete clearing, a desert, or a wild meadow, but also a museum or a waiting room, an office or a studio. The cartographies of Echoes get into a dialogue with the space hosting them, so much so that they become an intimate activity, an ability of bodies to get in contact with the landscape, a kinetic system that poetically plays with the anatomy of shapes and with the beauty of measure. The body of these dances is ar-ticulated as a subjective expressive landscape within a shared panorama, a sensitive ecosystem of intimate shapes and measures. A forest can become a theatre and at the same time it can simply remain a forest.

This piece involves five dancing bodies, drawing and composing seamlessly a choreog-raphy that is built on repetitions and differences, moments of loneliness as well as choral scores having simple and linear bodily themes, musically supported by loops and ex-tremely long slow-downs generated by the sound of the melodic pop by R&B star Frank Ocean. The composition of the image envisages a live-streaming dimension, generated live by the very dancers, an inner point of view that creates a close-up on the bodies and on the tactile detail of body and skin, revealing the potential ability of digital techniques to deposit particles of affection. Anyone can watch this virtual part of moving images from their phones via the live streaming during the performance, in another place, or at a later moment. ECHOES expresses the light and at the same time radical tension of a dance, a kind of choreo-politics embedded in the thought of bodies.

ECHOES develops in the field of research and production TOCCARE_the White Dance, winner of the Dance & Dance Award 2020 Best Italian Production.
It’s possible to follow the memory of ECHOES videos at this page FB:


photo: self screen shot, courtesy CKR