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Cristina Kristal Rizzo


discourses with some exercises on grace

By and with Cristina Kristal Rizzo and Lucia Amara + special guest Production CAB 008 In collaboration with XING Supported by Regione Toscana and MiBACT

Loveeee is a project by Cristina Rizzo and Lucia Amara & guests which follows in the wake of three performance acts, called Jungle In, which took place between 2008 and 2009. The live experience consisted entirely in the frequentation, shared with the public, of an ideal and protected place where the movement of a thought and the simultaneous writing of a body could be practised at the same time. The starting point for this new opportunity for theory and practise is the unfolding of a discussion and of several correlated exercises around the theme of ‘grace’ understood as an attitude, as a body politic, as economy of beauty in direct contact with the reality of the world. A theme extended and shared with three guest artists, one for each day, ‘grace’ is a category of boundary, far from the safe and static perfection of beauty. The paradoxical encounter of a savings, of an abandonment and of a revelation of power, in line with the principles of an aesthetics of overabundance, of miraculous success, of risk and of enthusiasm. Grace is the policy of concealment. It indicates a disappearance of systems. What interests us in grace is the chance of investigating various ways of being. There is a fragility, intentional but within virtuosity. A vigorous frangibility. Asthenia in tonicity. Weakness in prowess. Intimacy in exposure (spectacular). Control of arrests. Flow of impetus. Nervousness without future. Languor where everything vanishes. Praise of the serpentine line. Abandonment. Waste. Flaunted flexibility. Torsion. Generation of the possible. Union of the dissimilar. Grace can introduce new unknowns into every instant of a duration, creating an open and infinitely repeatable hospitality.